Sands Support Packs

The following pamphlets, produced by Sands New Zealand, are provided in the Sands support pack (provided to hospitals).


The Next Few Days

When a baby dies, it is so hard to think clearly, yet you are faced with many difficult decisions. Because you are grieving over the death of your baby, other people may offer to make these decisions for you, but the next few days are a chance for you to build memories of your baby. These are some ideas shared by other bereaved parents who want you to know that you are not alone.

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Your Baby’s Funeral

Your baby has died, and suddenly you are faced with making arrangements for a funeral at a time when you expected to be celebrating a birth. The decisions that must now be made can seem overwhelming alongside your pain and shock.

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Fathers Grieve Too

The birth of a baby is normally seen as a happy event, not a tragic one. The death of your precious baby will probably be the most difficult and painful thing you will ever experience. Nothing and no one could ever prepare you for the devastation that follows this experience. The expectation of some family members, friends and a large proportion of society can often dictate the way you live with this loss and what you do with your grief.

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When a Baby Brother or Sister Dies

As you grieve for your baby who has died, you may also need to deal with the emotions and reactions of your other child/ren. You are all part of the same family and have all lost a precious family member. Remember that grieving is the NORMAL process for adjusting to the loss of someone we love.

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The Loss of a Grandchild

When a grandchild dies, you have to cope with a double load — your own grief for the baby and the suffering of your own child.

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Transporting Your Baby

Sands New Zealand has developed these guidelines to support bereaved parents, families and whānau to make decisions about transport for their deceased baby.

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